Green wall #1 revisited

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Remember my green wall #1? The one made of plastic bottles? Well, it worked quite well, but I never really liked it - the way it looked, I mean. Maybe if I had something with massive foliage, like ferns, to mask the bottles... but I can't come up with an edible …

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State of the garden: late September

As you may have guessed from the complete lack of posts this month, things have gotten a bit out of hand. I'd like to say that I was still taking care of my fire escape garden (and community garden plot, for that matter), but that is far from truth. However, we're in mid-Fall already, which …

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And so it begins/ Начало положено

Русский Looks like the spring finally decided to settle for good in Philadelphia, so I'm getting ready to set up the garden. For now, though, it is just a fire escape balcony cluttered with some planters, buckets of compost, my worm factory, and piles of sunflower seed peels (evidence of the local squirrels raiding my …

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