Keyhole gardens

A very interesting concept! Will read more on it and try to incorporate into the new community garden raised bed.

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Keyhole garden

Is your backyard too hot and dry to
cultivate the vegetables you have only dreamed of? Keyhole gardens
were developed for the sole purpose of maximum crop output in the
hottest and driest of conditions. Their low cost, low maintenance, and
versatility make them a desirable gardening option for your yard and for
gardening across the globe.

Humanitarian foundations spearheaded the development of keyhole
gardening to help improve lives around the world. Keyhole gardening is
simple enough to be taught to school-age children in third-world
countries where the children then use the concept in their homes and
villages. A single keyhole garden affords enough abundance to provide a
large family with a year round supply of vegetables.

Keyhole gardens are circular raised bed gardens. The larger outer
circles are where crops are planted. The center portion of these
gardens are active composting baskets. Small aisles are…

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