Beautiful things in life need to be cherished

beautiful_things_post_coverThe past two weeks (or three? or four? I kinda lost count by now) have been quite challenging. I haven’t done any gardening at all. I can’t say that my life is back to normal now, either, but I missed blogging, so here I am, stealing away a few minutes to write this post.

As I walk to work and back home every day, I encounter some things that are so beautiful I can’t stop admiring them (mostly plants), and particularly during these tough weeks, I gained a new level of appreciation for these masterpieces of nature that provide powerful focal points and make me pause (even for half a second) in my day-to-day marathon and just enjoy the sight.

So I decided that I’ll dedicate this post to these plants that help me maintain sanity and remember who I am and what am I doing on this planet.

I have been admiring this rose for a few years now. I just love how rich and deep the color is!img_20180802_165455

When I first saw the tag “Franklin Tree ‘Ben’s Best'”on this tree growing in my beloved Kaskey garden, I thought this was some sort of Philly joke. But apparently this is the real name! The flowers are so elegant in their simplicity: five white petals and a yellow center.img_20180803_152525

The Datura is such a magnificent plant: both flowers and seed pods are so beautiful.

Every time I decide to take a picture, I can’t spot any opened flowers, so here is the seed pod! Isn’t it spectacular?

I’ve always loved Morning Glories and was very sad as a child when I had to pull them out when weeding. Now I can enjoy the simple white ones in the community garden (unless they really start strangling the plants, I let them be), as well as the more colorful decorative varieties.img_20180808_100837-1

These little cuties grow in our neighbor’s front yard, right next to the sidewalk, overshadowed by the roses, hostas and other “traditional” front yard plants. I, however, find these small plants much more interesting and love the lush green foliage and the bold-colored flowers.img_20180816_165420img_20180816_165415

This display of castor and other tropical plants always makes me pause when I walk by the Zoology building on Penn campus.img_0022-1

And finally, there’s this bike-shaped trellis supporting a pretty vine with intricately shaped foliage!img_20180808_170149

I do hope to slow down to normal pace of life in the upcoming weeks, but there is also a good chance that will never happen. In any case, I am grateful for these beautiful plants that never fail to cheer me up as I walk by.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful things in life need to be cherished

  1. I am sorry to hear you have been having a challenging time, Tatiana! I missed you! This is exactly what has brought me joy in difficult times. So I think you will be ok, but sending you love and support. You are a wonderful presence in this blogging world.

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