Quick, easy, and affordable worm farm

A simple and cheap method for anyone who has a backyard or a larger balcony garden!

The Red Chilli Head

Here are the Red Chilli Head Homestead, we have wanted to start a worm farm for two main reasons:

  • Decrease the scraps we were throwing in the bin
  • Have an affordable fertilizer and soil conditioning option to use on our veggies, herbs and gardens

There are plenty of worm farm kits you can purchase, but I wanted to challenge myself to creating a worm farm myself with items I already had laying around. This way I could complete this project as cheaply as possible!

Here is an outline of what I did. This worm farm has been going along for several months now, with no issues so far. I believe keeping it simple is key.

Step 1: Find a suitable location

I placed my worm farm on a covered shelf in the garden I have on the side of the house. This area only gets morning sun and I have…

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