Where did all my raspberries go?

raspberries_post_coverThis is a story about a mysterious death of the bulk of my fruit-bearing raspberries… It is a short story, as I do not have a good understanding of what happened, but here it is nonetheless.

My wild raspberries were doing great in their large containers up until a couple weeks ago. Here is a picture of Anna the tiny gardener with yours truly, which also shows the lush green raspberry plants behind my back. Those branches were full of ripening berries, too!

Photo credit: Marina Balycheva (MBphotoworks.com)

Then, 2-3 weeks ago, the plants started to wilt. This coincided with a heat wave, so I did not think much of it, just watered hard… Yet, the branches were still dying off.img_2881


Fortunately, parts of the plant are still doing quite well.img_2882


The only explanation I have so far is bleach fumes. A week or so before the plants started to wilt, a squirrel died on my balcony… Of course, it crawled into a far-to-see-or-reach location between the two raspberry planters, so by the time I discovered it (smell gave it away), it was pretty gross. Since I did not know why the squirrel died, I decided to take precautions and cleaned the area with 10% bleach. I did rinse it off afterwards, but maybe the fumes got into the planters and, combined with the heat, killed off the plants…

The poor squirrel started hanging out on my balcony a few days before it passed away. At first I thought it was just badly dehydrated (heatwave), and it definitely appreciated the shady corner and the water I put out. Sadly, though, it was not enough to save the poor beast.

As I said, there is no solid proof that it really was bleach that killed the raspberries, but that’s the only theory I have…




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