Yet another evil squirrel post: they’re getting smarter!

squirrel_post_cover1Greetings fellow garden enthusiasts!

I know, I know, just over a week ago I’ve published a post about how I outsmarted the evil squirrels, and now there’s a new post… I even had the nerve to say that they’ve calmed down somewhat. Guess what – now they’ve outsmarted me!

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of this in my planters that are seemingly covered with netting:

Note how much soil has been dug out and thrown on the floor.

And then some more:

The odd empty space in the middle of gutter planters (there were plants here two weeks ago, I’m sure of it!)

And then by chance I actually witnessed a squirrel gliding through a grid of the balcony fencing, which I foolishly assumed to be too small for my local fat squirrels… I guess they thought so, too, at first, but then gave it a try, and by now probably every fluffy rodent knows that they can squeeze through.

I guess it’s time to stretch a second layer of netting on the outside of my balcony? I swear, it will soon look like it’s a bed covered with meshy curtains, not a garden. Anyway, I started attaching the second layer of netting…

View from the outside
Making sure the netting is well lined up at the edges.

Are your garden-wreckers behaving?




4 thoughts on “Yet another evil squirrel post: they’re getting smarter!

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