Green wall #1: Construction

green_wall_1_cover.jpgThis wall is my reuse-upcycle, low-cost project. It utilizes planters made from soda bottles attached to the balcony barrier by aluminum wire. As I worried from the start, it does not look as pretty as my gutter green wall #2, but it works and is easy to make… So I gave it a try.

  1. I started with clean soda bottles (for consistency, I stuck to one shape and size).GW1_1.jpg
  2. I cut out oval holes along the long axis of the bottle (these will be where the plants stick out of)…GW1_3.jpg
  3. … and poked holes in the double-folded side of the planting hole. Some people drill holes, but my go-to method for plastic planters is a hot nail (or screw in this case). Just don’t try to hold the “poking device” with bare hands! I use a pair of pliers.GW1_4.jpgGW1_5.jpg
  4. Then I mounted the planters onto the balcony barrier with good old aluminum wire and filled them with soil (I use the same vertical garden soil recipe as for Green wall #2)…green_wall_1.jpg
  5. …and transplanted some seedlings (lettuce, bok choy and watercress).

    You can look at the middle row of planters and clearly appreciate my eyeballing and aligning skills….

Squirrels, however, managed to pull out some of the seedlings through the larger holes in the balcony barrier wire… You can see the “before and after” images below…



As I said many times, this is not the best-looking green wall (at least so far…), but I do hope that the growing string beans will help cover it up a little bit…


Well, that’s my Green wall #1! Hope you find this post helpful, and happy vertical gardening!





3 thoughts on “Green wall #1: Construction

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