My ambitious plans

042718_post_cover.jpgEvery time at the start of gardening season I plan the layout of my garden, and every time I fail to follow it, in the end. Let’s see what happens this time… I divided my balcony into several sections: green walls 1, 2 (and 3, if I’m adventurous enough), window box, berries (blueberries and raspberries), and assorted pots.

The grand design (sort of)

Green wall # 1 is half-way done and will be a no-cost DIY project. The planters in this case are made out of plastic water bottles, which are mounted onto the mesh balcony barrier with aluminum wire. So far this looks shabby, but I am hoping to mask the bottles with string beans, which I potted underneath the future wall.

Green wall #1, with the pole beans planted below to hopefully camouflage the unsightly planters.
Lettuce shoots are sprouting in the bottle planters.

Green wall # 2 will be a low-cost project with planters made out of aluminum gutters. I do think it will look much better than the plastic bottle wall, without any need for camouflage. I have the pieces ready, so all I have to do now is put it up…

I’m not a huge fan of these hanging planters, but use them anyway. For now there is parsley, cilantro, oregano, and sage. Basil, thyme and dill coming up.

The window box is just that, it has some flowers and fragrant herbs and is still subject to squirrel raids, as I haven’t covered it with netting yet.

Left to right: dianthus, lemon thyme, and mint. I plan to add some lemongrass and lemon balm mint (also known as Melissa) in a couple of weeks. Sadly, all flowers have been bitten off the dianthus during the last squirrel raid.
My beautiful purple dianthus, before squirrels gave it a trim.

The blueberries are slowly recovering after being chewed to the bone by evil squirrels, but I hope to see some leaves back on the stem in a few days.

The promise of raspberries…

What do you think I should do about green wall # 3? Another DIY set up or maybe try a commercial planter?

Happy gardening!



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